Dec 1st Court decision let down citizens

Circuit Court Judge Michael Devine ruled after 10 days of review that the tax paying citizens of this county did not have the right to appeal the Zoning Administrator’s decision to allow a warehouse in a residential neighborhood before the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).  The decision was made on a point of law and not the merits of the BZA decision.  The judge  ruled that we were not “aggrieved” or injured by the decision to allow an application for a warehouse use as that injury had not yet occurred even though the BZA accepted our request to appeal the Zoning Administrator’s decision which is their domain.  What is important here is that the County only accepts applications that could be approved.  The county doesn’t want to waste tax payers money and their staff’s time on projects that would be denied by the Board of Supervisors.  The BZA got it right and we will continue to protect our neighborhood integrity.  Stay tuned and thank you for your continued support.

Circuit Court Decision Thursday Nov 13, 2014

This Thursday, Nov. 13th, the Virginia Circuit Court of Appeals will make a decision to uphold or overturn the Fairfax County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) 5-1 decision to uphold County Zoning Ordinances that specifically deny a warehouse use in a residential (RE) zone.  The County crafted and enacted the Zoning Ordinances which determine lot size, buildings types and land uses to preserve neighborhood integrity, separate commercial areas from residential, protect environmental resources and ensure the quality of life that homeowners expected when they chose a place to live and raise their families.   If the Judge upholds the BZA decision, the Girl Scout Council Board of Director’s has the option of appealing to the Virginia Supreme Court.  Whatever the decision, the community will continue to engage and educate the Board of Supervisors on the negative impact a regional distribution warehouse use would have on the Fairfax County girl scout campground and the surrounding neighborhood.  Thank you for your continued support.

BZA Decision 5-1 in favor of the appeal- no warehouse will be allowed on Camp Crowell

The Board of Zoning Appeals reached a decision this afternoon agreeing 5-1 that a warehouse is a separate use and not part of the public benefit association and as a separate use could not be built in an RE zone.  This is a win for the community that wanted to preserve the tranquility we have come to love about living here.  Many thanks to everyone who made phone calls, wrote letters, emailed, posted signs, delivered fliers, posted on this blog, posted on facebook, the webmasters and social network gurus, the researchers, the advisors and everyone else that contributed in any way to support the premise that a warehouse does not belong in our neighborhood.  We have always said that this was a land use issue and not about the organization that wanted to build the warehouse.  There are some in the Girl Scout Organization that are disappointed with the decision today and it is our sincerest wish that we can put this chapter behind us.  We have researched and found many cost viable workable solutions if they indeed want a distribution warehouse at another location.  We offer our assistance and support to find a workable solution for everyone which keeps the campground for the girls and that is a win for everyone.

Current Status of SEA 81-C-081-02

On November 20, the Board of Zoning Appeals, will be deciding if the “Resource Center” will be allowed to be built on the campground.   It has all the characteristics of a commercial warehousing operation and has been located in an industrial/commercial district for over 25 years.  Please support us and email the Board of Zoning Appeals to NOT allow the construction of “Resource Center.”

email address:

subject line:  BZA case file A 2013-SU-024

“I (undersigned) respectfully request that the Board of Zoning Appeals reverse the interpretation by finding that the Resource Center is a warehousing establishment, is NOT a permitted principal use in the R-E Zoning district and does NOT qualify as a permitted accessory use on the Subject Property and therefore the Board does not have the authority to approve the Resource Center as part of the SEA.”

Why we need your support…

  • Green space will be lost: a large area cleared; 4000 sq. ft. of paved parking; 6000 sq. ft. and 27 ft. high steel construction; and cannot be replaced by planting a screen.
  • Justin Knoll is a residential cul-de-sac, a small road without sidewalks and cannot withstand the ebb and flow of commercial traffic which is more suited to a minor arterial road.  The residential character will be lost.
  • The commercial nature of this activity will detract from the neighborhood and negatively impact the tax base.
  • Protecting the residential integrity of this neighborhood is important for all the residential neighborhoods in Oakton and countywide.
  • Many troop leaders, volunteers and girl scouts want Camp Crowell to stay a campground for girls and operating the warehouse will be taking away from the outdoor experience that Camp Crowell has always provided for over 60 years.
  • All the community moved into the neighborhood with the understanding and appreciation that they were neighbors with a campground for Girl Scouts.  None of the neighbors could have reasonably anticipated that the campground would evolve into a Resource Center which serves as a distribution facility for the entire Girl Scout region.
  • There is rental warehouse property available for substantially much less than what the Council is currently paying only several miles from the Dorr Avenue location, in a major transportation hub providing better access than the winding, hilly, narrow residential roads of Oakton.
  • There are warehouse properties available for sale for comparable money proposed for this project in the same locations that would serve the Council’s purposes.
  • It is not reasonable to burden a community simply because it makes financial and logistical sense for someone else.