5 thoughts on “Current Status of SEA 81-C-081-02

  1. It would be helpful to visitors to this website if there was a link (on either your top mast or a side pane) which would display any scheduled events coming up. I know there will be a meeting in November but was checking to see if there were to be any hearings or other meetings during October. Simply listing dates, purpose, location of meetings to be held would be very useful to those of us ‘out there’. Thanks.

    1. This site is currently being updated and we appreciate your suggestions.
      The only upcoming hearing is November 20 Board of Zoning Appeals. Thank you for your support and help us by emailing the BZA.

  2. Thanks for comment, Cass! I’m a former scout and couldn’t agree with you more. I hope other scouts out there will post and join us in asking for a better solution…..

  3. As a current Girl Scout, I am opposed to the creation of this facility. It contradicts logic- Girl Scouts supports the appreciation and preservation of natural areas, and erecting a 6,000 square foot warehouse can only be a detriment to the Camp Crowell habitat. Additionally, why relocate to a residential area from a rather industrial one? If the facts are examined, there is quite literally no legitimate reason for this warehouse. However, a compromise could be achieved if this troop were to create a camp store of less colossal proportions.

    1. Cass, thank you for your support. Hopefully more current Girl Scouts will come forward and let their leaders know that this is not the best decision for the campground and the girls they serve.

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